Who We Are


The Elizabeth Ministry International was founded in 1991 by Jeannie and Bruce Hannemann and Father Kurt Gessner in Appleton, Wisconsin. You can read more details about their story here: http://www.elizabethministry.com/Staff.php

This ministry, named for and modeled after the care Mary showed to her pregnant cousin Elizabeth at the visitation, has since grown to hundreds of chapters nationwide.


While she was experiencing personal challenges and looking for support, Judy Malinich discovered a way to help others. She discovered the Elizabeth Ministry. Judy decided to start a chapter at Our Lady of Victory Catholic Church in the spring of 2009 to have an opportunity to help others. The group grew to about 10 members who met once a month to pray, encourage and support one another with issues related to raising children, infertility or adoption. Judy has since relocated and the group was inactive for a period of time; however, we have rejuvenated our chapter in spring of 2013 and are seeking new members!


Father Matt Baum from Our Lady of Victory serves as our advisor and prayer leader.









Elizabeth Ministry | State College, PA