The Elizabeth Ministry


The story of the visitation of Mary and Elizabeth is one of the most profound examples of sharing faith in all of scripture. The sanctity of life and power of the Spirit is revealed in the common sharing of these two women.

Throughout the generations women have repeated this story. Elizabeth Ministry carries on this tradition of maternal mentoring.

Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth, we visit and share the sacredness of life.  




What is Elizabeth Ministry?

Elizabeth Ministry is an International movement designed to support women and their families during the joys, challenges and sorrows of the childbearing years. The Elizabeth Ministry mission is to cherish children, encourage families and build community. We offer peer support, mentoring, educational materials, spiritual nourishment and inspirational resources. Elizabeth Ministry Chapters exist across the United States as well as Canada, Europe and Third World countries.

How does it work?

Women volunteers become Elizabeth Ministers in the areas they have experienced. For example, a woman who has twins would visit and mentor a woman who is pregnant with twins. Continued support is given throughout the pregnancy and after the birth. This support comes in the form of visits, phone calls, cards, prayer, resources and other assistance. The areas of Elizabeth Ministry include but are not limited to, pregnancy, birth, miscarriage, infant or child death, crisis or special needs, adoption, fertility and infertility. Support is available for mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents.

Who are the Elizabeth Ministers?

They are representative of a faith community that become a link between the church of the home and the parish church. Elizabeth Ministers are not counselors. They offer mentoring and peer support only. No lengthy training is needed. The yare women who are willing to share their presence, stories and experience in the hope that these will encourage another woman and her family.

Who may participate?

Elizabeth Ministry was designed as a parish based outreach. It has since been adapted by hospitals and community settings. Elizabeth Ministry helps women of all faiths, not just Catholics.

Elizabeth Ministry began in the Catholic faith tradition, but soon became active in other denominations. Any church or group who promises to uphold the dignity and worth of all life from conception to natural death may choose to form an Elizabeth Ministry Chapter.

Why is it needed?

In the past, the presence, intimacy and support that is needed during childbearing years was found in the structures of family, neighborhood, church and community.

Today, these structures are undergoing rapid change. Our neighborhoods are fragmented, leaving many families isolated. Our churches have increased in size, making it very difficult to create a hospitable and loving environment. Mobility has caused many extended families to be separated by miles. That makes frequent visits impossible.

Yet, the wisdom drawn from sharing stories of the joys and trials of childbearing is still needed. The support, reassurance and advice, usually given by the extended family, often now needs to come from another source. Elizabeth Ministry is a response to this need.

What are the benefits?

Elizabeth Ministry supports a faith community’s commitment toward the sanctity of life. It is a way to reach young adults as they build their families. Elizabeth Ministry also provides a focused and expanded dimension to bereavement ministry. It offers wisdom in this age of reproduction technology. It builds community and fulfills the invitation of Jesus, namely, that we love one another as he loves us.

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